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"Imagine for a moment being forced to go to a strange city, displaced from your home and loved ones, and being in crisis at the hospital with a very sick child for long term, only to have nothing other than a cell phone to do research on a diagnosis or prognosis, video messaging with loved ones that are at home, keep up with medical files/treatment plans, entertain a bored child (possibly in isolation), unable to submit bills to FCSD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities) etc.


This exact thing happened to one family! They were displaced from their home in the country, now forced into a strange city, with no means of income and a very sick 2.5 year old boy diagnosed with leukemia, not knowing if he was going to live or not.


When I was volunteering to driving the Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta  shuttle to the hospital one night, this family asked me if I knew anyone who had a used iPad or Tablet that they would donate to them because they could NOT keep up with the TEAM of doctors, all the electronic medical files, treatment plans, they could not Skype with their other children back home. Not to mention trying to entertain a bored young toddler in the hospital!


For many of us, iPads/tablets are a luxury and for many of them, they are a NECESSITY.


This request was made by multiple families over a short period of time, hence, a gap in was noticed and iKare4Kids was born (November 2015)


We have partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta, as it made sense, since they were already supporting families in different ways, in these difficult circumstances.



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